Building a profitable list of subscribers can be a pain in the butt. First, you have to create squeeze pages so you can collect names and email addresses. Then you have to set up your autoresponder and do your very best to drive traffic. It can be a very frustrating cycle to be stuck in… especially when you’re a newbie. (That’s ok if you are!)

Marketers just like you all over the world are finding it difficult to make it happen with old, outdated methods and tools. Many of these methods haven’t worked in years. (You probably have a few of these outdated, shiny objects on your hard drive right now.)

The traditional “squeeze page process” is probably deader than Julius Caesar on the Ides of March. Using a traditional process, you’ll spend the next 100 years grinding away to make real money from your tiny list. Not to mention the fact that lists have a shelf life. After a few months, whatever you’ve got is pretty much worthless — forcing you to spend more of your precious hours building a fresh list.

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