Have you heard about this cool new software? It’s helping me build my squeeze pages in a way that attracts VIRAL traffic. Ever since I’ve started working with this software, I’ve been able to put my list building and income automation on steroids.

Buzzinar is more than just a WordPress plugin. It’s also a complete training system. Buzzinar comes with a robust eBook and audio course. Most users will prefer to watch the video training that shows them exactly how to use Buzzinar to create viral traffic. The Buzzinar training will cover how to create buzz for your page, how to set up the squeeze, how to persuade your list, and finally how to generate income on autopilot. This training, combined with the Buzzinar app, will create the viral traffic effect on demand.

Buzzinar users will have everything they need to start generating viral traffic from Day 1. But once the traffic starts coming in, a funnel needs to be there to monetize the leads. That’s where Funnel Boss kicks in. Funnel Boss is both a training system on funnels, as well as a complete set of funnels that can be used to monetize viral traffic. Additionally, each month a new set of funnels is deployed, allowing members to pursue new avenues of income consistently.

The right share gate, combined with a solid funnel, will lead to more traffic and a rapidly growing list. Be sure you have the right system and software so you can generate your own viral traffic on autopilot.


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