Profitable affiliate campaigns can be hard to get started. First, you have to get approved to promote a product. If you’re a newbie with little to no sales history, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Then you have to create the perfect bonus page to incentivize the buyers to use your link to buy. Your bonus page has to look hot and offer really cool bonuses just to give you a shot. Putting all this together can be a newbie’s nightmare.

Omar and Melinda recognized the difficulties newbies face. They decided to create a product to help starting marketers create profitable affiliate campaigns within a couple of hours. They took their years of experience creating hundreds of successful affiliate campaigns to design the ultimate affiliate training system for new marketers.

Rapid Profit System (RPS for short) is a complete affiliate marketing campaign program. RPS starts with a simple to follow training system. It’s three phases that cover how to find profitable niches, how to create affiliate funnels, and how to target your audiences in Facebook. In addition to training, RPS also comes with 5 custom bonus products that buyers can use in their campaigns. These bonus offers will look great on the included custom OptimizePress 2.0 bonus page template.

Now, new marketers will have a struggle getting approved to promote. Omar and Melinda know this, so they’ve included guaranteed approval to promote 5 of Omar’s products and 15 products from Omar’s friends. They’ve included a special script that newbies can use to approach any product vendor and have a chance to get approved for their products. It’s the little extras of RPS that help the newbies get started on the right track.


Rapid Profit System is a no-brainer for anyone who’s serious about getting their affiliate campaigns right from day 1.

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