Those who wisely grabbed access to My Unfair Advantage are well on their way towards creating their own success stories. But some will want to get there even faster by automating a portion of their business. That’s why Omar and Melinda have decided to offer the Automated Commission Enterprise to new My Unfair Advantage members.

Automated Commission Enterprise (ACE) is a system designed to take your leads and put them into their autoresponder sequence on steroids. It works like this… you are approved to promote Omar and Melinda’s core products at 100% commission across the ENTIRE FUNNEL. (That’s right, the entire funnel! Not just the front end products.) You then gather your own traffic and send it to a squeeze page where the lead is hard-coded with your affiliate ID. On submission, your lead will be presented with a sales page prefaced by the squeeze page. If they buy, then you get your commission. If not, they go onto an auto-responder sequence with your affiliate ID inserted. You don’t have to do anything once the lead ops in. Just send traffic to your ACE squeeze page and the rest is on Omar and Melinda.

The best feature of ACE is that it moves your lead from one product sequence to the next sequence without you having to input anything at all. And if your lead has already bought the product, the lead will see the next product sequence. The only way this fails is if your lead buys nothing because they hate making money online or already have every one of Omar and Melinda’s core products.

By the way, in case you were wondering where to get the traffic for the ACE system…


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